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Tracy Love




Celebrity Male Groomer 🌟 Licensed Barber💈 & Licensed Cosmetologist✂️ l have been in this amazing Hair Industry for over 20 years!! I am the Author of “Be Legendary”📚 The Book the sets the Pathway to Success for All Barbers and Cosmetologists !! Available on Amazon!! Launched APRIL 2022!!… ⭐️THE MINT GROOMING⭐️ THE MINT is the first Female Barber Grooming Company that offers a Premium Service for On Location Hair Services!! We pride ourselves on being Top Creatives that offer a first rate service to our elite clientele. Our Barbers and Male Groomers are available for House calls, Events, PhotoShoots, Videos, Commercials, Editorials, Touch and Go’s and more! We Are One of One!!