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🏢 Management of ENT & Fashion 🏦 Life/Bus. Coach & Fin. Consultant 📚 Author 🎤 Podcast Host @jus_da_tip 🎓 Master of Metaphysics 🖐🏾 Of the “King” Blessed to be a blessing… $greymatter22 Terrence Brown, Ph.D., M.Msc, CPC, (Grey) is a Business owner and Professional Empowerment Coach, that has over 23 years of experience as a business development strategist, real estate investor, mortgage broker/banker, SMB Consultant and trainer to novice real estate investment clients across the southeastern United States. An entrepreneur since the age of 15, and an operations/management consultant in a wide array of settings, Dr. Brown currently serves as the President/Chief Experience Officer of The Aquaria Group, Inc. A position he has held for the past 9 years. TAG is an Atlanta based firm specializing in personal and professional development coaching, and business development. Dr. Brown attended University of MD in College Park MD, and studied Business Law and Management. Later he studied Metaphysical Science at the University of Metaphysics. It was their that he was ordained by the International Metaphysical Ministry as well as, earned a Bachelors and Masters of Metaphysical Science. Dr. Brown identified as a Life Coach for the past 12+ years, and clearly understands that you can’t make the infamous horse drink, but “You can train and coach him/her to consume a river if you get their buy in”. That is precisely what he has attempted to do in business and in life collectively. EDUCATION Doctorate of Philosophy - Holistic Life Coaching University of Sedona Master's in Metaphysical Science University of Metaphysics Bachelor’s in Metaphysical Science University of Metaphysics Bachelor's in Business Administration University of Maryland at College Park