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Shmiko Cole




CEO - Virtual C-Suite Executive | Strategic Business Networker | Money&You ($&Y) Grad/Logistics | Enlightened Thought Leader Listed as one of the “Top Ten Thought Leaders to Watch for in 2022” - NY Weekly Let’s go on this journey! ❤️ My Energies are the Abundance Vortex working with heart centered professionals to achieve financial alignment with purpose. As a financial educator, energy leader, motivator and consultant to Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Pro Athletes, Influencers, all Wo(Men) and most important our Youth. I’ve been honored and described as: ⚖️ A complementary professional with an abundance of accomplishments. From Corporate American into a Successful Entrepreneur with 30+ years in financial industry at management level has allowed her passion to assist others in their professional and personal pursuits to meet individual and business accomplishments time and time again. 🗣 Shmiko embraces a masterful skill in manifestation. A substantial devotion is rooted in her energy which she channels at the speed of sound through a technique using vibrations. With her profound knowledge she invested as an inspiring mentor. In this practice she provides fundamental guidance and methods for individuals to develop essential knowledge about themselves to help them achieve balance and abundance. 🏆 As an award winning woman of change, leadership and service, Shmiko is a diversified woman of success who gracefully balances her character as beacon of empowerment. She attributes individuals success to their efforts and commitments to exercise the proper remedies to achieve good health and genuine wealth. Award winning Leader ❇️Momentum Leader Award ❇️Leadership Council Award ❇️Servant Leadership Award ❇️5.3M Annual Sales ❇️The People’s Guru ✳️ Topics 📱Entrepreneurship 🌍Global Expansion 🏦Financial Education/Literacy 🧱Building Wealth - Legacy 👤Personal & Business Development 🧠Thought Leadership 🔮Master Manifestor 🪞Affirmations / LOA 🧿Meditation 💫 Positive Vibes Trust your vibes; energy doesn’t lie. - Paulo Coelho Integrity is the essence of everything successful - Buckminster Fuller 📍Los Angeles, CA 🇯🇵 Japan - 🇺🇸 USA 29786 428173 ⬇️ Let’s Collaborate ⬇️