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Shayla Smart




I love Jesus more than anything! ❤️ Make no mistake I mind the business that pays me! 💻=💰#digitalmarketing ⭐️ Businesses I own 👉🏾 👉🏾Customer Elevations, LLC 👉🏾Smart Care and Wellness, LLC 👉🏾Podcast “”” ⭐️How I impact the world: I Teach Women How to : 💚 Start & Grow their Online Income. #WAH #digitalproducts #memberships 🧡 Create Uncompromising Kingdom Lifestyles. #discipleship #kingdomwomen 💜Live a free lifestyle #lifeinyour40s #Family #Faith #Freedom I am a...Wife. Home-Schooling, Mom. Student. Teacher. Minister. Entrepreneur. Problem-Solver. Healthcare Advocate. Lifestyle and Legacy seeker. ⭐️Free Downloads: 🙏🏾Daily Prayer Prompt:🙏🏾 👩🏾‍💻 💰4 Ways to Earn a $100 this month💰 💲How to get started as a Field Inspector💲 All links on Instagram bio👇🏾 ⭐️DM Me for: 👉🏾Your Specific Prayer Request 👉🏾Guest seats on Your Podcast 👉🏾 I lead with love and tell the truth that’s often uncomfortable. 🧡 “Don’t choose to be offended by my words. Decide to do better by God’s word.” ~Shayla ⭐️What I am Interested in: Being a guest on more podcast. I am interested in networking, making valuable connections with other Kingdom focused Women & Leaders of Faith. Also learning more about Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Investing, and Healthcare as a Business. ⭐️ My Testimony ⭐️ via a Timeline of situations that have shaped my life. Read it here: 👩🏾‍💻 ⭐️Email Me For: 👉🏾Speaking Opportunities 👉🏾Training for digital business start up 👉🏾Bible Study inside your small group or FB Community. [email protected] Join our online KWR FB Community: