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President of River City Capital Investment LLC®️ 1863 Madison Ave; Memphis, TN 38104 ✅ CDFI Economic Development Leader ✅ Real estate investor - Buy & Hold, Fix & Flip, Wholesaler both properties & improved land/parking lots I specifically help startup and existing entrepreneurs obtain low cost capital 💰and uncover new revenue streams by investing in real estate 🏡 We founded River City Capital (RCC), an affiliate of Community LIFT, in November 2010 as a 501c3 nonprofit mission based community development financial institution (CDFI). We provide direct low cost loan funding up to $250,000 and technical assistance for BIPOC startup and existing entrepreneurs underserved by banks in disinvested areas of Memphis, TN. 💥River City Capital’s Business Capital Accelerator 💥 Join to streamline your pathway towards bankability of your business so lenders always approve you! 💰 💰 Message me to receive a link to schedule a discovery call ☎️‼️ 📍Memphis, TN Land owner - 19.2 acres Landlord of 14 Memphis doors 🚪 Fanbase app investor 🗣️💰 Husband since ‘07 👩🏽 Dad since ‘10 👧🏽 ‘11👧🏽 ‘12 👧🏽 ΦΒΣ Tau Iota Sigma - Memphis 🤘🏾💙 Reformed banker - 20 yrs 🎯 Podcast host, The Minding Your Business Podcast - 2017 to 2022 (over 320 episodes) 🎙️ The artist formerly known as Champ’Ron⚡️🏆⚡️ #ChampRon #ElCapo #UncleChamp “Only a fool ducks when knowledge is thrown” I have resources for you at