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I help licensed mental health providers go from being overworked & unpaid in their 9-5 to DOMINATING in their field with their own private practice Mental Health Business Consultant Community Builder Connector 👑 CEO of Phay Dee Consulting & Coaching 👉🏿When they said there was no money in social work field, they lied‼️ I help licensed mental health professionals thrive in their business of private practice You deserve to get paid well while serving your community. I’ll show you how!💰📈 The Why: Social work is the foundation of our community. You deserve to have support in your corner after providing support to others. Helpers need help too! 🌐 📞 Book a free discovery call today! #TheBusinessOfPrivatePractice ✅Private Practice Startup ✅Private Practice Management ✅Private Practice Scaling & Expansion 👑CEO of Black Women of Arizona (BWAZ) 👉🏿A safe space created to connect minority women across Arizona to share experiences together through events Black Woman, I am not your enemy. 🤗 The Why: Black people make up about 4% of the total population in the state of Arizona. BWAZ provides a way for us to build community with each other 🌐 Subscribe to our email list! JOIN OUR CLUB!! 💎 Community of 10k+ of #BGM 💎Virtual Events 💎Community Service 💎Sisterhood 💎Published in VoyagePhoenix 💎Featured on ABC 15 AZ 💎 Official Toyota EnTOURage Partner 💎 Creator of the HealHER Retreat 2022 She/Her AZ🌵🔁FL🌴🔁NC ✈️ Gratitude: $PhayyDee (2 Ys) ♣️Clubhouse Founder of: ✳️ Black Women of Arizona ✳️Want to moderate a room together? (social work, mental health, private practice, women empowerment, business, networking, coaching/consulting, black women topics/issues, silent rooms) DM ME👇🏿