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Prophetic, Souls Sage Dr.




SOUL DR. Here❤️ Hello All , I’m a wife of 21 informative years later lol ❤️,mom of 5 amazing kids. I am The Soul Sage Dr. ( I help clean out the viruses in your HeartDrive ) Mental Health Keynote Speaker, Author (4 books including Children’s book ) Prophetic Poet, Playwright, Teacher and some would add Preacher lol , Visionary and Ambassador for I Choose Me #NoMoreExcuses movement as well as 501c3. Last and certainly not least I am proud owner of I Choose Me Bling Boutique ( specializing in all things that make Your shine crystal clear) As a Soul Dr., Soul Whisperer , Soul Coach or Locksmith to your Soul best said I’ve come to mentor your Soul ( the most important part of you ), when I’m done Stirring your Soul you will be Ready to Serve. You know what they say shake before pouring because some ingredients have Settled . You will never settle if I’m around !! Who Is Ready To POUR??? I Am on Assignment y’all ❤️❤️❤️#SelfLoveInitiative I Choose Me #NoMoreExcuses # BecomeYourMagic #Abracadabra #IHireMe Cash app $pwords PayPal [email protected]