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Meaghan Monroe




The Millennial Millionaire 📚 Kingdom Economist 🙏🏽 Co-Founder of Heal.Estate the worlds first digital real estate wealth game. Queen of Crypto👑 Co-Owner and founder of Ko Te Peeke O Aotearoa, The Sovereign Bank Of New Zealand. Wealth and Wellness Coach! 🇺🇸 Owner of Wealthy Women Enterprises Want to learn how to gross five figures a month with a community?! DM me the word “Group” Dm me “crypto” for the free Bitcoin standard book! “Whose life is going to be better as a result of you?” Join my private social media platform: Dm me “Monroe Flow” for my Top 3 Tips for connecting and converting on clubhouse! Dm me “Leads” to learn my top 5 lead generation strategies for free/organic traffic to your Facebook group for business in start up! Meaghan Monroe is a sought after speaker who lights up the stage, igniting her audience with her passion for NFTs and crypto. At only 27 she is a seasoned investor, mentor, and serial founder with a passion to educate minority communities to create generational wealth and social impact. Using NFT’s as a gateway to mainstream audiences, her events draw thousands of on-and-offline attendees who are introduced to the blockchain through NFT gamification and are inspired to dive deeper. She is the founder of multiple companies, from humanitarian innovations to supply chain to ecommerce and real estate, her expertise spans the globe and nearly every vertical. Her driving focus is on reimagining an economic structure that is fair to all, efficient, and effective, solving myriad problems in one elegant blockchain design that resolves the problems faced by 3rd world countries as well as domestically. That girl from 🌟🎙The Social Media Show🎙🌟 ⚫️Innovative Internet Marketing Professional✍🏽🚀 ⚫️Viral Organic Lead Generation Strategist 👩🏽‍💻 ⚫️Network Marketing Mentor👏🏽 ⚫️ Creator of The 90 Day Power Play Launch Plan 📊📅 ⚫️ Forex Trader 📈📉 ⚫️Mother🤱🏽 🦋Healer ~ Light-worker ~Vegan 🦋 Passionately guiding the 98% of people just trying to live a better life to create impactful residual income leveraging affiliate offers on the internet! Cashapp $lecura