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Michelle B.




📍London, UK. 🇬🇧🇯🇲 (She/Her) Founding member of Fashion Minority Alliance EMEA. A non-profit and non-partisan organisation, we work collaboratively with businesses, brands, and industry gatekeepers to promote and secure the advancement of marginalised groups and to bring about meaningful, sustainable and long-term change within the fashion industry. Get in touch if you’re interested in mentoring opportunities. Join our Talent Directory to hear about vacancies in the fashion, beauty and creative industries as well as connect with brands and businesses seeking to work with BIPOC and other underrepresented groups: Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. Belonging. Reformer Pilates. Boxing. My presence in a room doesn’t signal endorsement of the topic(s) being discussed. I’m a curious person always wanting to better understand the human experience in all its manifestations.