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-Intuitive Reader & Astrologist (♈️ ☀️ ♓️ 🌚 ♌️ ↗️) Moon in the 8th -Owner of (Created in 2012, studying since 2010) -Owner of -Psilocybin Educator/Enthusiast/Sitter -Mental Health Alignment Coach -Musical Vibrational Healing -Sacred Sex Educator -Creator of -Pansexuality & Polyamory MORE LOVE 📍 Atlanta, GA SESSIONS..... -Intuitive Readings -Astrology Natal Chart Readings -Medical Astrology Readings -Tarot Card Readings -Sacred Sexuality Readings -Waist Bead Readings -Vibrational Healing Connect with me: Website: Community: Twitter: @AlignedGoddess @CryptoBaeGi (Cryptocurrency Page) Instagram: @IAMLIVINGALIGNED Email: [email protected]