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Harshit Jaiswal




🇩🇪🇮🇳 Germany | India | Indonesia - Edtech, Community and Leadership Tech Hiring 'If you think education is inclusive, you are confusing it with privilege.' Intrigued by the resistances and voids in the conventional system, Harshit has been investigating, ‘How can we design frameworks that better serve the purpose of education’. This motivation led to the founding of his startup Flow, with a vision to make education more inclusive and liberating. In the pursuit of entrepreneurship over 5 years, - Harshit explored diverse roles and responsibilities (Founder-CEO, Product Manager, HeadHunter, Editor, Community Manager, and Design Researcher) - Built a super-engaged community of 10000 developers and designers from 100+ countries. Enabling extensive outreach in the developer ecosystem, university tech clubs, and youth conferences. - Learnt how to make money, sales and negotiations while consulting across different market segments (AI, Future of Work, Adtech) - Exposed himself to diverse work environments and cultures through cross-country experiences (India, Germany, USA). Has built extensive partnerships with leading individuals and organizations in art, tech, and society. - Lived on an organic farm called Jaaga, a community residency bringing hackers from all over the world. Doing yoga in the morning, coding, cooking, and building tech together, while watching the country sunset. - Built teams for High-Growth startups & hired for tech leadership roles (multiple clients including,,, RedHat) - Invited as a speaker at the developer conference, happening in Munich, Germany. is Europe's leading conference and is organized by the same team behind Bits and Pretzels. - Invited to CCCamp 2019, organized by Chaos Computer Club, near Berlin. 5000 Hackers from all over the world participate in this camp. CCC is one of the oldest and most significant Hacker organizations of the world, focussing on privacy, arts, tech, and activism. - Invited as a Mentor and partnered Flow with Innoschool Austria, DPS by UnternehmerTUM Munich, Gifted Citizen, Mexico, and other youth-centered organizations.