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Eduardo Soto




⬆️ | I help brands and entrepreneurs grow 📈and monetize their Instagram through influencer marketing. 📊 | Teaching US Latin + immigrants how to build and leverage credit to travel and grow their business with OPM!! 🗞| Featured in @yahoofinance 🇨🇴 ➡️🇨🇦➡️🇺🇸 Get the pre-sale of my e-book on my Instagram profile where I explain everything I’ve learned about instagram and how I was able to grow my company to 6 digits in 6 months organically. 📱Helping online business owners automate lead generation through Instagram direct messaging. ✅ Marketing ✅Influencer Marketing ✅ IG Lead generation ✅ IG Growth ✅ Helping Latinos and Immigrants understand, utilize and leverage Credit to grow your business. ✅Aged Corps + Credit + M/A 🤝🤝Looking to connect and build relationships with entrepreneurs and likeminded people to bring value and add to the CH community. 🪂AND, I like to jump out of planes ✈️ and film people jump for the first time while seeing the biggest smiles!! 🥳😃 Connect with me on IG ↙️↙️ 📝 DM “CONNECT” to learn how to blow up your IG.