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Confidence is my SUPERPOWER!!! (It’s a club, follow it⬇️) It’s my shield! I do NOT leave home without it! Haven’t unlocked confidence as your superpower yet?! Look no further, the Confidence Consultant & Strategist is here to help!! 👑✨I empower women in leadership to build confidence by partnering with color psychology and personal development. The kryponite to confidence is imposter syndrome, that’s who we are defeating! 💪🏾🔥Want to know what a power color is? Connect with me to find out!!! Go to my Instagram and check out my color of the week/Confidence+Colors/Personal Development+Psychology of Color/Assessing the 5 Types of Imposter Syndrome posts! Also click the link in my bio and take the quiz to get a generic power color & learn which of the 5 types of imposter syndrome you identify with! Enroll in P.O.W.E.R Pact: The Makeover 3 Month Accelerator for women in leadership! (POWER is an acronym that means Purposely Opening Wounds Expecting Results)🤗💃🏾 Get started today!!! •self paced •weekly meetups to track progress •payment plans available *transformation directly related to willingness to follow through with weekly assignments BENEFITS: •enhanced self-awareness to utilize confidence as a superpower featuring your power color •gain tools necessary to combat Imposter Syndrome •a GLOW which will be the physical manifestation of having your mind, heart, spirit and soul purified LADIES!!!! JOIN KINGDOM KONFIDENCE FACEBOOK GROUP! 👚☕️mental health + fashion collab of tshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and mugs 📱3 ebooks •30 Days of Self-Care: Coping Skills to Reduce Anxiety •What’s In Your Closet: Incorporating Color Psychology in Your Wardrobe •Confidence Confessions: Affirmations to Build Confidence 📍Louisiana made (reside in Baton Rouge) 🎓Ragin Cajun Nation (B.S.)🌶🤟🏾 •Criminal Justice/English 🎓JAG Nation (M.A.) 💙💛🐆 •Clinical Mental Health Counseling 💚PLPC in Louisiana 📄Certified Professional Life Coach ▶️PhD (pending 2028) •Counselor Education & Supervision Founder of Confidence Academy👑🌸✨ 💻 ✳️Rooms I Moderate: •Wednesday at various times for topics related to confidence building and personal development in the confidence is my SUPERPOWER club CashApp: $thechictherapist