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Get Published? Event Therapy Magazine Event Producer| Event Therapy™️ |Magazine Publisher- Help professionals embrace their Mental Health and engage in self-care strategies to improve self and business development while reducing stress and #Event Warfare ™️🚨 📍Owner of Event Therapy Magazine📍 🗞📰Grab your digital & Print copy! 🦉Brand: Event Therapy™️Network 🗝 🔴Owner : SC Visionary Planning and Production Services 🗝 @scvisionaryservices 🎀 Founder: Charge Up Campaign, Inc (501c3) 🗝 $chargeupcampaign 🎈About me 💬 Event Therapist & Certified Event Producer💅🏽🧳 Fave food: 🌽 (don’t judge me) NC Tar Heel bred💙🤍 🎈Author 🔒Master -Mental Health/ Social Work 🔒Certified Personal Life Coach 🔒Certified Event Planner 🗄Corporate Event Management 🤝Caused-Based Events 🎬Entertainment & Social Events 🗞Always a Student 💜Lover of God 🤝Join my Facebook group @Event Therapy Network Facebook page: SC Visionary Planning Services Our network 🚨Helps to reduce Event Warfare™️🔌 🔋Charge Industry professionals to practice self care 👐🏽Encourage Mental Detoxing (Mental Detox Box available @mentaldetoxbox) ☮️Teach Affirmation building 📙Author, Event Therapy™️: 10 Steps to Ultimate Event Planning (Grab your copy) 📔SCV: a Glimpse into a Kick Ass Event Planning & Production Team 🔺Disclaimer: We do not provide therapeutic services on any social media platform. We encourage you to seek therapy with a professional in your area Projects 📽Executive Producer, The Brown Swan™️ Project 💍Wedding Influence Mastermind Speaker 💚Passion💚 I Support cancer warriors, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Partial proceeds of all events support 501c3 nonprofit @Chargeupcampaign 🔌💕💜501C3 🎬Executive Producer ANNUAL PINK CHAMPAGNE GALA & AWARDS 🎀Media Recognition:🎀 Ion Television ABC News Rolling out Sheen Magazine Voyage Atlanta