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🏦🏗🏠 Commercial lending Broker ✔️🎬. The flipping reality club ✅. 🎬Owner of lord and Andra Gallery I G @Lordandandra ✅ 🇹🇹9178259810 or [email protected] 🏦 Funding for your deal purchase and fix. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🧚🏽godmother 📈 ✅ founder of Matrix Motivation club ✅ Founder of The Flipping Reality Club. Andra establish Lord and Andra Reality in 2010 , Andra has transformed herself over the passed fifteen years into a real estate information gold ark. The flipping Reality show is coming soon, looking for casting directors to play with me in 2021. ✅ Andra has a Bachelor of Art degree with a major psychology and minor in substance abuse counseling. 📞 9178259810 ✅ we are here to make good connections with like minded people, We are looking for ✅partnership to Flip Properties in ✅New York and Atlanta, PA ✅Atlanta.💰💰💰 Andra is athletic as well as artistic, lover of life who enjoys the outdoors in all seasons. Love running , reading ,Boxing , hiking and music.🎼 We are currently updating my web site , you can Andra Rudder Facebook or check out my ✅Facebook page. Lord and andra Gallery. IG theflippingrealit y