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🔮 Spiritual Multihyphenate but my friends call me “Google” 🤹🏾‍♀️ ✨Brand Strategist ✨Business eBook Writer ✨Finance & Budget Specialist ✨Personal & Small Business Banking Professional ✨Credit & Lending Advisor ✨Social Media Influencer ✨Creative ✨Class Clown 💻 Owner of @TheBGTBrand 📲 🖌 I help small business owners build their brands and businesses from scratch with easy-to-use tools at affordable prices. 💎 I drop gems daily. Gems for personal growth and healing, business development, career advancement, mental health awareness and relationship-building. 🎙 Co-Host of the Brown Holy Water Podcast (Comedy genre) 📍Brooklyn, NY FB: ⏬Twitter and Instagram⏬