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Ryan Iaco




🌳I’m deep into fungi 🍄 “Ser culto para ser libres” - Josè Marti 🌊 startup company offering fungi inoculated mulch, implementing stormwater filtration & large scale myco/bioremediation strategies 🇺🇸 🫀Revolutions begin in the human heart & mind 🧠 💥Power of the Human Spirit | 🪓Homesteader in Michigan (Occupied Anishinaabe Land) | 🌙Co-founder Moonmtn.mi | 💘Husband & Father | 🌿Wildfood Forager | 🚀Myconaut 🍄| 💦Biofilter/Mycoremediation Tech | 🍒10+yr Farming/Local Food | 🌲5yr Regen Food Forest & Cannabis 🔥| 🗣 TEDxUSF - Beyond Big Ag, Beyond Civilization | 🏔 2022 off grid octagonal cabin & mountain side food forest retreat 🍄 ❤️ 👉🏻 •cannabis & entheogen friendly •digital detox •weddings/private parties •wild food forays •sauna & body work •customizable retreats •individuals, families, groups •b&b + more! 🏦8yr nonprofit industrial complex experience 🏭 Studied in •Religious & Spiritual Texts ☦️🔯🕉☸️☮️☯️☪️ •Interfaith Dialogues •Religions & Violence •Millenarian Groups •Comparative Religions •Global political & economic structures •radio/interviews/production 💧 Currently working on startup focused on Myco/Bioremediation researching scalable strategies & tech on Lake Superior Michigan 🇺🇸🇨🇦 Interested in philosophical & spiritual underpinnings of the emerging global eco-consciousness - connecting with folks in the realm of eco-investing, nano/biotech, biomimickry, bioremediation, carbon cycling, scalable biological inoculants, and all things in between.