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Short Term Rental Professionnel Since 2000 ( 21 Years in the industry based in Cannes South of France ) Expert in Corporate B2B Rentals. & Indus try Key Note Speaker, Founder & CEO of I-PRAC the Global Certification of TRUST. Happy to discuss STR TRUST strategies and help operators introduce trust to their STR Business. E-mail me [email protected] or [email protected] Our Websites Connect with me on linkedin I don’t do IG, FB or TWITTER I started at 16 in hospitality working in 5 star Hotels, before moving into Health Clubs, then at 26 I left the UK and started my entrepreneurial journey in Cannes South of France and 20 phenomenal years since arriving in Cannes I have become a leading professional in the short-term rental sector, industry speaker and industry thought leader. My first company AES GROUP now manages close to 250 properties on the French Riviera , some of which are the most sought after properties in the world. My luxury rental accommodation and events company provides corporate services for global brands including Google, Spotify, Disney, Fox, IPG, Twitter, Microsoft, Sales Force, Amazon, Media Links, Ogilvy & Mather, Nike, Apple. We also provide our clients with services including Event Management, Venue Rentals and yacht charters. I also founded RPN Riviera Property Network which sold to Seloger in 2012 for an undisclosed fee, and I used these funds to start investing heavily in property and building a mortgage free property portfolio today of 23 properties all in Cannes and Mougins area of the French Riviera. I am also the Co owner of an Interior Design Company and a Marquee Rental Company. I am an Angel investor and mentor and board member of 5 Start Ups based around Proptech & TrustTech In 2014 I founded and bootstrapped I-PRAC with a vision and goal to bring a global accreditation of trust to the Short Term Rental Sector, after 2 years of R&D I-PRAC launched in April 2016. I-PRAC is a now a global recognized accreditation platform for approved short-term rental agencies and property owners, and is proving to disrupt the sector as one of the fastest growing start ups within the STR Sector. I am a husband and father of 3 who loves playing golf and chess and I am a business advocate for mental health.