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Amanda Rose




🙋🏻‍♀️ Hello! I SEE You. I lead @hyvebeauty & @shegathershere. I am a Connector, Mentor, Gatherer & Weaver. I serve my community as an Intuitive Marketer, Speaker & Guide. ✳️CH Club: SHE Gathers HERE. I champion & elevate: 🧠 CURIOSITY, CONNECTION & GENEROSITY 🪄SHE-VIEW MIRROR MENTORSHIP 🌟HOLDING “HER-STORY” 🖤 THE NORMALS: ANXIETY & GRIEF 🌙 BEING OF SOUL-SERVICE 🌹SOUL CARE & SISTERHOOD 💕ALL ARE WELCOME!💕 🪄Let us be Co-INSPIRATORS together! 🔮 I serve to empower & encourage healing through the MAGIC & WISDOM in INSPIRED community. I co-create safe containers & language for sharing, processing & normalizing both personal & collective grief. I know the transformative powers of sacred witnessing, holding & weaving stories. 💎MY BIG LOSSES: 2004: My precious infant son Jake died in my arms. 2012: I very publicly “failed” in my 1st business, claimed personal bankruptcy & lost $1M+. 2014: I was pre-meditatively confined & violently beaten by a trusted intimate partner. I nearly died & my left arm/hand are “permanently” disabled. 2017: I lost my beloved mentor & friend to suicide. Through these BIG losses, I have gained MYSELF. I am still BECOMING everyday. I have idealized & planned suicide many times. If my stories may be another’s survival guide, I am honoured to share. I am: 💃🏻She 🧑🏻👼🏻Mom 💍Wife 🐱🐶Animal-Lover 🦄Best Friend 💪🏻Survivor 👩🏾🌈Ally-in-training ✏️Forever Student ✨Healer 📚Story Teller 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦Gatherer 💄HYVE Beauty is a female-forward, community-rooted, artist-driven business. HYVE is a friendly & trusted online supply partner offering top-quality professional Permanent Makeup (PMU) + Beauty products and brands serving professionals worldwide! 🌎