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“Winner’s Train Loser’s Complain” 🇺🇸🇯🇵🏈Retired Pro Football Player Played in Japan. Virtual Business Card 📍Denver, Colorado Born and Raised in Orangeburg, South Carolina 🎬Executive Producer of Let’s Sip and Talk with Frema Show and Podcast. Here are all the links for the show. If you would like to come on the show please feel free to Email me or DM me on Instagram. Host and Founder is Frema Kennedy @letssipandtalk 🎙For Let's Sip and Talk with Frema: FOR YOUTUBE: CLICK ON THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON, CLICK THE BELL ICON, CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON!!! FOR FACEBOOK LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE FOR INSTAGRAM LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE TWITCH TV: PODCASTS: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!!! ⚓️🇺🇸Over 20 years service in the military Branch Navy. ✳️ Moderator 📧 [email protected] 📧 [email protected]