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Creator of ☁️ All Day Dreaming ☁️, Clubhouse’s first 24/7 creative + ADHD + productive club. (See first club link below). Director 🎥, Interviewer 🎙 and founding member of Audio Collective 🎧. CLUBS: ☁️ ALL DAY DREAMING ☁️ Intersection of creativity, productivity & ADHD. We host co-working rooms, conversations and share resources to help navigate your neurodivergent mind. 📻 EASTSIDE RADIO 📻 A sonic playground for the creative community of Los Angeles to collaborate. BIO/CONTACT: 🎥: Current: ▫️ ▫️Cannes Lions Creative Festival (digital series) ▫️Without Water (documentary) ▫️Bad Thoughts (short film)  ▫️The Project TV: Australia (correspondent) Past: ▫️attn (Branded/Creative Director for Emerson Collective, Samsung, Clif Bar, Zillow) ▫️Adobe (Sundance, Cannes) ▫️E! (TV series) ▫️Spin Media (digital series) ▫️FOX (TV series) *Star Trek > Star Wars 19135