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Official Site Official AMERICAN BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION (ABA) Cryptocurrency Token NFT Gallery Born and raised in Ocala, Florida raising cows, pigs, and chickens. Spent 11 years in the Military and that journey allowed my reality to catch up with my imagination. I’ve had a very unique life experience and I love helping and sharing with like minded individuals who may benefit from my blessings. 🔉Entrepreneur | Real Estate | Entertainment | Sports | Crypto (NFT’s, BTC, ETH,...) 🏄🏿‍♂️INTERNATIONAL PROJECT COORDINATOR- Bertram Village Township Build on the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas. 🎙/🎥 SWADEUCATION Digital Marketing Coach 🧨BRAND CONSULTANT- Helping to shape the mindset of current and future business owners. Worked for 10+ Years at the Urban Network Magazine / Summit a springboard to careers of Destiny’s Child, Ludacris, J Moss, Tonex, Rick Ross, Brandy, Hopsin....... Currently Consult Doctor Dre (Yo MTV Raps) Joe Newman (CEO of the ABA) Omar Tyree (Bestseller Author) Barbara Jones (Community Servant) Emmit McHenry ( Network Solutions Founder) 🔈SWADE SOUL MEDIA Owner Swade Soul Radio Swade Show Podcast Show. Past Noted Guest include: Judge Joe Brown, Kevin Black (DeathRow Records), and Joe Newman (CEO of the ABA) 🎼MUSIC LABEL AGGREGATE - 18+ years Providing Label Distribution Deals and services for the Sony/Orchard and Danmark Platforms. 🏀SPORTS CONSULTANT- 10+ years as VP of the American Basketball Association (ABA). 🌇ASRG/BIZ-PARTNER ABA Sports Realty Group SEAT BIZ 👨‍👧‍👧METAVERSE/VIRTUAL WORLD CONSULTING- Consults businesses on Metaverse Integration. Owning Metaverse properties since 2004. Platforms: NFT’s, CryptoVoxels, Decentraland, Second Life and more. 💰CRYPTOCURRENCY SPECIALYST Actively involved with Cryptocurrency since 2004 (Lindens {non-blockchain}) 2009 (Bitcoin). Providing advanced knowledge on the subject. I’m here to learn and add to my networking portfolio. Email: [email protected] PH: 619.717.6019 CashApp: $swadesoul Motto: It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.