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Hugh Kelly




The Carrie Bradshaw of my generation💻👨🏾‍💻🍸. Comedian🎤 Actor🎭. Screenwriter✍🏾. NYC based. Ex Yelp employee. Tech enthusiast. Improviser @ Second City, Washington Improv Theatre, and the defunct NYC Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Also, a burgeoning psychoanalyst. Myers Briggs: INFP Pronouns: He/Him Alumnus of The Second City😂. Washington Improv Theatre🤪. Author of “A Game of Kooky Drones.” Bit player in 2019 film “Stuck” alongside Javicia Leslie of CW’s Batgirl. Writer for virtual comedy game show🕹 “Wisecrackin.” Also, I was a contributor to the novel “How to Write Funnier,” which is a part of the “How to Write funny” series authored by the founder of the venerated online humor publication The Onion 🧅 and AV Club, Scott Dikkers. Ambivert. Got some articles in Weekly Humorist, McSweeney’s etc. Currently writing and marketing for release in the spring my second book📚 Cash app: $hughkelly93 My second book is a humorous essay collection about recovering, 🏥healing🩺, thriving🎇🌝, and learning to get that loud📣, joyful laugh😂🥳of mine (and yours too) back after various assortments of very 🤢toxic and 🤺🧨abusive relationships throughout my life that includes toxic 👨‍👩‍👦family relationships, toxic friendships, and, of course, toxic romantic relationships💩💩💩 Funny stuff, right! Don’t worry I’m gonna help you laugh and heal with this book!✊🏾 You should also know the two biggest historical events to happen during my childhood—The 9/11 terrorist attacks and Winona Ryder shoplifting—have irrevocably shaped my shaped my identity for life. I can be contacted at [email protected]