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💡 innovation catalyst x technology strategist x future designer 💥 Catalyzing corporate innovation, enabling product innovation and building innovation eco-system 🚀 Tech-savvy expert on mobile devices, computer networks, IoT, Ubiquitous computing, XR/MR, sensors, displays and emerging technologies. Developed several mobile devices and IoT hardwares: one of them, P2 was selected as the gadget of the year 2008 along with iPhone by Time Magazine. Filed more than 50 patents. Building mixed reality based metaverse platform ▶️ CEO @LIFESQUARE, innovation design company ▶️ CEO @Ziillion, wearable display over metaverse ▶️ co-founder & CEO @Future Designers ▶️ co-founder @Pan Asia Network #️⃣ ex-Samsung, ex-MagicEco, ex-Cypress, ex-USC/ISI #️⃣ board member, CODE #️⃣ board member, ESC #️⃣ Safecast Korea lead activist #️⃣ TEDx speaker and organizer 🌎