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Claire Paterson




The human behind Hop Skip Fly Social Media Mgmt. ⬇️Due to popular demand. Helping busy business owners achieve an attention grabbing Instagram feed. More people than usual are looking at your main feed because of Clubhouse. 🤝Taking social media off of your to do list with packages that include content creation, scheduling, community engagement and nurturing. 💻Providing workshops and masterclasses to empower you to run your own social media more effectively. 🆓My free tips and advice often tell you what you need to do, my training with help you to understand how to do it and coach you through the steps. ~ 🌍 Social Media Manager 💡 Content Creator 🧮 Teacher, Trainer 🧭 Consultant 🪄Your Magic Wand 👀 Your Fresh Set of Eyes ~ Two things I love about my job 🪜Helping others to find success 🔗 The digital marketing and freelance community ~ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scottish, based in Lanarkshire Scotland ~ My platform of choice is Instagram but you can find me on all of them! Visit my website Email me [email protected] ⬇️Find me on Twitter, Always on Insta ⬇️