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Hope Suzanne




💜 Spiritual Life Path Coach 💗 Licensed Heal Your Life Coach 🙌 Reiki Master-Teacher (healing energy, Usui-Tibetan) 🔮😇 Certified Oracle card reader 💜😇 Spiritual guide and Angel Communicator (previously known as Angel Therapy Practitioner) 😊 🌈 Mom of an amazing adult kiddo. H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Evolve) and heal while on my own healing journey 🦋 Ever evolving soul 📍Arizona, U.S. On Clubhouse since January, 28, 2021 Originally invited by Dr Jodi Peary 💐 Founder of the houses below:🏡🏡 💜Spirituality & Wellness and 🧡Sharing Wisdom Community 💐Grateful for your love donations for mini readings, mini coaching, etc RIP the “send money” button on my Clubhouse bio but you can send to: 🦋🌸 Let’s co-create a world that works well for everyone. 🌎🥰. I enjoy meeting and connecting with like minded people. _________________________ I offer the following services: 💜🕯 ☯️ Spiritual Life Path Coaching including: - Divine and practical guidance and support for all areas of your life, clearing the way for you to be more open to receiving the good and the blessings you so deserve 😇 intuitive and practical guidance, angel and oracle card readings ☀️Deepening your connection with Creator/Source/the Universe/ the God of your understanding, angels, guides and all that is for your highest good 💗 Heal Your Life Coaching approved, certified and licensed by Louise Hay and Hay House (work based on the philosophies of Louise Hay) including: 🌈 guiding you to change your thoughts, beliefs and feelings that no longer serve your best and highest good to those that elevate you. 🪞 mirror work ☀️positive affirmations 👶healing the inner child 💗learning to truly love and support yourself 🦋 finding and healing limiting beliefs _____________ 💜🙌 Usui/Tibetan Reiki Energy (distant healing energy) beneficial for body, mind and spirit and for healing of situations, places and spaces and more! This can include sound healing and/or crystal healing as well as affirmations Remember, the sun is always there. You just can’t always see it behind the clouds ⛅️ ~ Hope Disclaimer: My discussions may often provide intuitive guidance, come from my various trainings, knowledge and life experience and are not a substitute for psychological or medical intervention. My presence in a room does not mean I agree with all others in the room. I do not give permission for anyone to replicate my ideas, words or likeness in any manner.