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Excelleration. Breakthru. Medical. Intuitive. Training The path of. Hope Advanced. Training for the old soul. INTERVENTIONIST. Principles. Above personalities Ceo. Children's. Futures. Foundation Protecting children an women BE. KiND. Power of compassion Trauma healing intensives 30. YRS EXPERIENCE The quantum master healing intensive Manifest. Health to order e book. Pre-sale 29.99 Hope. Healing. Center. 30 years. Of experience Secret. Laws TRANSFORMATION. Master. Healing. Intensive in Front lined. Historical. D. E. S. H. A bill in. U. S. Congress. Establishing guidelines for dietary supplements I served on. U. N. I. C. C. Ngo For crimes against women an children representing. National counsel of women of. USA International. Speaker Researcher. Quantum. Physics Breakthru your. Barriers 25. Yrs. Public policy. U. N ngo Join. Children's. Futures. Ambassador leadership program for. Positive. Change Heal. Health. Happiness Served. U. N. Y2k commission New. Hope. Consultants Global. Network. For. Health. Freedom Director ngo Children's. Futures Foundation