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Holger Petermann




🟧 Co-Founder of THINK INC. Communications ✅ CLUB Admin ✳️ 🥨the munich connection🥨 ——————————————————- Action Room: Aufruf🇩🇪🌱☀️Deutschland räum auf🏡Jeder kehrt vor seiner eigenen Tür🏡 ——————————————————- Feel free to join the first Bavarian Club on CH for Locals but also all of you. Become our virtual friend and let’s stay together in the real world. Love to give You support in communication, advertising, pr, social, analog and digital ✨just ask me ✨ My friends and partners know I am a luxury sportswear pro & nature and animal lover. I also love the sustainable art of life - orange, green and blue people 🧡💚💙 and the big picture. Love to invite you to talk with me about... 🗞 GOOD NEWS DAILY 💻 NETFLIX QUICK TIP 🥷 SPORTSWEAR TRENDS 👟 BEST SNEAKER NEWS 🧩 ONE STEP INTO GREEN LIFE 🌱 FAIRFASHION 🤫 VR AND AR STORIES 🐾 DOG & ANIMALFRIEND 🤖 NFT Enthusiast contact me anytime. I will be back to you :-) 📌 München / Munich / Monaco di Bavaria