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Holger Kölln




💻 Work: Senior Manager in IT Consulting 🔍 Focus: Consulting, Project Management, IT Service Management, SAP, DevOps, Scrum, Outsourcing, Nearshore, Offshore 🚀 Passionate about lifelong learning. 💡Interests: Life Hacks, Future Technologies, AI, IoT, Science, Mobility, Podcasts, Travel, ... 🏝Leisure: Music, Photography, Jogging, Kiting, Beach, ... 💉Experienced blood and brain cell 🧠 donor. ☕️ Good coffee is essential for life. 🧐 E=mc² explained: Energy=milk*coffee² 😃 Always look on the bright side of life. 📍World citizen 🌎 📍Based in Hamburg 🇪🇺🇩🇪 📍❤️ in L.A. 🇺🇸, Côte d‘Azur 🇫🇷, Goa & Kerala 🇮🇳 This is my personal account and also reflecting my personal opinion.