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Helen Collen




📸Fine Art Photographer/Digital Graphic Artist 🌷Brand Ambassador for ARTIVIVE 🎤AMP Radio Host ‘The SHOUT OUT’ ✂️Costume Designer 👗👕Wardrobe Supervisor 🎥Videographer/Content Producer 🧶Dope Crochet Artist 📜Writer: Song/Fiction/Truth/ Flow 🖌🎨🖼Visual Artist 👼🏽🎈♥️JAXSON’S LOVING MAMA 💃🏽👟Native New Yorker from Crown Heights Brooklyn (St. Marks Ave) 📐🛠B’klyn Tech HS Class of ‘86 🎞🧵🎭SUNY Purchase (Design Tech Costume Design) Class of ‘96 🪡🎬I.A.T.S.E and U.S.A (United Scenic Artists) NYC & East Coast union affiliations 🧚🏾👸🏾🦋And a whole bunch of other stuff 💻 📌FOR INSTAGRAM: @HELENCOLLENPHOTOS-The life @THEWORK67-The art @MYRADIOSHOUTOUT-The radio show @HELUCINATIONORIGINALSCROCHET-HELUCINATION ORIGINALS! Really Dope Custom Crochet 🎧🎤“It’s been a long time I shouldn’t have left you...” 👣FOLLOW MY ARTISTRY ON INSTAGRAM @THEWORK67 and @HELUCINATIONORIGINALS