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Hilary Steel




Asking the questions and embracing the answers around death and dying. 💗 It’s no secret that it’s the ONLY thing we have in common, so let’s open up the conversation… Grief - it’s okay to talk about it 🔈 🥰 I work in the Funeral Industry in SE UK 🖊 Writer of unique poetry and readings for funerals 📕 My first book is in the pipeline ‘Goodness Grief and Me’ ME? On a personal note..My sense of humour or my sarcasm tends to walk into a room before me 🤣 I ❤️ Musicals and Pantomimes 🎶 The other business stuff I do is cool too: from events to business awards to being on a stage as and MC - ❤️ Launching a book related project in 2021 - A Happy Place for Book Lovers 📚 My Twitter account is a bit more serious, my Instagram is ME 🥰