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Hilari Scarl




Award-winning writer/director/producer specializing in quirky comedies. Fluent in sign language, abstract originality and a third thing. 🎥 Selected by Steven Spielberg out of 12,000 directors for ON THE LOT on FOX winning a first-look deal with DreamWorks. 📽 First feature film SEE WHAT I’M SAYING screened in 800 cities in 19 countries, won dozens of awards including Newport Beach and received New York Times Critics’ Pick. 🎟 Consulted for Amazon Studios on SOUND OF METAL on theatrical distribution, marketing, publicity, captions and outreach to the Deaf community. Variety 2021 Social Impact Media Award. ☕️ New YouTube livestream “Hanging With Hilari” 5pm PST Tuesday’s, talking with creatives about projects and ideas. The show utilizes LDV OBS interactive graphics to double the fun. 👀Watch/Subscribe YouTube/HilariBScarl GUEST LIST Dalan Musson (staff writer on Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) Pat Jankiewicz (Fangoria writer) Susan Dynner (film producer) Steven Banks (TV writer) John McGinty (Broadway actor) - ASL interpreted livestream! Jamie Neale (Emmy-nominated creative director) Hilary Barraford 📺 Segment Produced reality/docu shows on CBS, FOX, TLC, The History Channel and Court TV 💰My consultant clients include Google, Anheiser-Busch, Sprint, Nike, Amazon Studios and Disney, mostly for outside the box thinking. 🎤 Panelist for Art House Convergence at Sundance, Women in Film and dozens of film festivals. Participant in the Producers Guild (PGA) Power of Diversity workshop. 🎬 Previous board member and Events Chair of the Alliance of Women Directors, hosting dozens of industry events including mixers with the Alliance of Women Composers, Alliance of Women Editors, women in SFX, intimacy coordinator panel and moderating Q&A’s for dozens of film premieres. 🤟Founder of - 30 episode educational sign language series. 🔥6x Burning Man Burner )’( ♥️Ally/advocate/inclusion♥️ 🐶 Living life with Charlie Kai the wonder dog Chicago➡️Atlanta➡️NYC➡️Los Angeles CEO/Owner of Worldplay, Inc. with a slate of projects, including a half-hour dark comedy pilot and a buddy road trip Christmas comedy developed through Sundance Collab ☀️ DM me with pretty words. I really love pretty words.