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Janis Neary Miller




Always bringing my smile and highest vibration, I am passionate about helping others to find their own powerful inner Guru. The Guru that has all the answers, teachings, and wisdom to manifest the dreams and abundance they were meant to live. The paradigm of "The Guru" has shifted. There is no EXTERNAL Guru, Coach, or Leader who can give THE plan meant for YOU. Yes, that GURU has fallen. YOU are your own G.U.R.U. It's time to step into your highest vibration, most Genuine, Unique, Real, Unapologetic -You! Fron traumatic and abusive childhood to living in love and helping others heal. How did I get here? I turned inward. I broke down and I broke through. I got to know what was my divinely guided intuition and energies I was meant for MY unique purpose here. I raised my frequency. I started to listen the Soul Self with a capitol S. And then I showed up for me. I accessed the energies of the Divine Trine: MIND, BODY & SOUL. As an intuitive guide and life coach with 11th house North Node, I'm passionate about bringing people together to access their INNER GURU and helping others find it as well. The AWAKENING is within and then we can show up the world in Divine Love and Purpose. Email me at [email protected] if you'd like an intuitive session or want to collaborate. Passions and Teachings: 🌜Intuitive Life Coaching 👣Toe Reading 🌟Astrology 🩸Essential Oils 💫Tarot & Oracle Cards 🍎 Nutrition🌿 💜 Pure Spiritual Intelligence 🔏 Epigenetics 🌟 Frequency 💫 Quantum Manifestation ⚡ Law of Attraction 💗 Trauma Healing 📖 Co-author International Best Seller "The Book On Transformation" 🏠 Chemical Free Living 🧚‍♀️ Spiritual Journey 🫂 Divine Feminine & Masculine🫂 👊 Vetetans 🏞 Nature 🏄 Extreme Sports🏂 🧘‍♂️ Meditation ✈ Travel 🏝 ⛵ Anything Ocean🐬 Also, w/ North Node in the 11th House (in Scorpio) means Clubhouse is my jam!! 🤣 It means I was born to bring like-minded people together to focus on transformation for all of humankind. Hit me up if this is your passion as well, and let's collaborate!! ☀️Libra ⬆️Sag🌙Pisces