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Lauren Mundell




When I “discovered” cannabis at 43, I was a high-powered wellness marketing executive. I went to traditional and social media to satisfy my curiosity, but I couldn’t find anyone talking about the plant as a wellness supplement. In 2018, I left my career in NYC to help others learn about cannabis as a part of a healthy lifestyle. My first book, High Curious, shares the details of how cannabis led me to transform. Hi-Curious helps wellness consumers who are curious about cannabis find advocates, experts, brands, and people like them to learn from without fear of stigma from their friends, family and network. Hi-Curious is an interactive media network available on both App Stores. We provide influencers, dispensaries, brands, advocates and entrepreneurs a platform to attract, engage and monetize their communities without fear of being censored or shut down. Let’s talk business! 📸 @hi.curious on insta (when we aren’t shadowbanned) 📸 @curiousauntlauren on insta (when we are) 💼 Connect with me on LinkedIn 🦋 Download the Hi-Curious app on iOS & Google Play 🦋🦋Become a Hi-Curious Butterfly 🦋 📺 Become a guest on my show, Curious Business, Live Weds @4:30 mountain on the Hi-Curious app. 🦋🤫Join my private business & cannabis communities. 🎙I’d love to be on your show. 💰seeking seed-stage investors in cannabis tech 📫 [email protected] Download the Hi-Curious app on iOS or google play.