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Follow me if you like for super fun creative audio experiences @henrykaiser on Twitter and Insta Creator, Showrunner, & Host of Small Town Almost Radio (Clubhouse πŸ‘‹ Creator First) Comedian, Musician, Human, Alien πŸŽΆπŸ˜‚πŸ“»πŸ‘½ Small Town Almost Radio (STAR) is an improvised variety show. Our amazing community joins us in welcoming comedians, musicians and other epic guests. We banter and make up comedy, musical jams, and stories on the spot. πŸ’₯ Head of sound design Rug Radio πŸ₯³ Recent guests include Randy and Jason Sklar (The Sklar Brothers), Matt Koff (The Daily Show) and Butterscotch (@butterscotchx). Join my S T A R club below ⬇️ to get notified of our next room. Welcome y’all!!! ************************************* Comedian. Singer. Musician. Voice Artist. Writer. Actor. Moderator. Tech Nerd. Host. Storyteller. Person who does Tooooo Muuuuch. Writer and Performer at Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre LA & NY. SF Sketchfest. Off-Broadway Shows. Over 50 musical comedies. Chicago Improv Fest. Detective Soren in the Feature Film Detective, Detective, Detective (2014). ************************************* Animal Rescue Dude Mental Health Advocate Lover of the 🌎🌍🌏❀️ He/Him/His Venmo: @Henry-Kaiser More Show Info: Feel free to message me on Backchannel/IG/Twitter. Clubhouse HQ / Creator First / NNPR / STAR ⭐️ Thanks to @JudithElisabeth @the3flamingos for making Small Town Almost Radio 5749385859 times better.