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Henrietta Darko




Coventry, UK 🇬🇧 I am the founder of a luxury womens only wine & lifestyle membership club. Enhancing clients lifestyles through our exclusive services & products🥂 For millennial women who want to experience life in the present and as their highest self. Creating a community of women enjoying their wine journey with confidence. Interested in joining Wine with Henrietta as a founding member? Send me a DM saying “wine membership” and I would love to connect with you. ————————————————————— I am currently turning my concept into a solid business plan and strategy. My aims for clubhouse: • Connecting with wineries and wine suppliers for my wine membership club🥂 • Building relationships with people within the luxury sector. • Finding a business mentor with experience in the luxury sector. ————————————————————- Current Mantra “ Slow and steady wins the race” I have always dreamed of entering the world of luxury and fine dining. After watching “uncorked” a Netflix original movie I fell in love with the subject of wine and how personal each individuals experience is with wine. This is what birthed “Wine With Henrietta” a personalised experience between myself and clients creating special moments for them through their love of wine. ‘Discovered during the Global 2020 pandemic’