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Henny Hoekstra




👩‍💻Marketing & Sales Manager Pluvo 🎙Host Learning Innovators podcast 👩‍💻Co-initiator ChangeX 🧠Pluvo = SaaS e-learning platform. Create awesome online courses within minutes! 🗣ChangeX = Community for young professionals to network and learn new things 🥳Join my Learning Innovators Club ♥️Marketing ♥️Sales ♥️SaaS ♥️EdTech ♥️Innovation 🏋️‍♂️Addicted to CrossFit and coffee 📍Amsterdam 🧠Motto: Always Be Learning. Currently following a ‘Product Psychology Mastery’ course. DM me to exchange thoughts on e-learning, marketing, sales, growth, SaaS or knowledge sharing 👋