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Dakta Christ




I am a Cannabis Advocate from Aotearoa. (New Zealand). I had a snowboard accident In my early 20s and have used Cannabis for the inflammation of my herniated disc. I have been an "illegal" medical Cannabis patient for over 20 years. . Im on the path, Growing, Learning and Teaching. I was the volunteer resident DJ at Aotearoas first "illegal" in New Lynn in Auckland New Zealand. Our Cannabis Smoking Club. Called "The Daktory" to have a "DAK" was to consume Cannabis, if you are into slang/Streetalk you knew the session was on, the Daktory was the home of Mary Jane the Cannabus, it was open in Auckland for over 3 years, We the "Daktivists" held a safespace where Cannabis was accessible over the counter for adult use. Like an Amsterdam Coffee shop. Plotting and scheming to, "FREE THE HERB" "END THE WAR ON DRUG" "CANNABIS IS A MEDICINE". After attending my friend's pat down search, and arrested for holding a gram and a pipe. . The Judge threw out the case as the police officers did not do their Jobs correctly. Sending me more hope, that "Legal Cannabis" would be here soon... well that was 2000, and we have just had the 1st legal Cannabis flower prescription sent for consumption as a Tea drink. šŸ˜† šŸ¤£ šŸ˜‚ . It is a start. Sadly Shut down by the Police. Check it out you tube. We then fractionated off to form "The Auckland GreenCross." I have begun my journey as a political advocate for Cannabis. I joined the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party.. On Instagram I'm @HempStarChrist . I currently live off grid on a small HempFarm Volunteering for the @EastCoastCannabisCompany We are a small group of Legacy Growers trying to make a change. LETS CONNECT THE CANNABIS COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE. Jahbless&OneLove