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👋🏻 I’m Heidi (aka The Wikipedia of Social Media). I’m a social media strategist for actors and creative businesses. It’s my mission is to turn social media rookies into rockstars! 🤘🏻 ✅ Follow me here on Clubhouse! 🎥 Want to learn how to use social media as an actor? Go watch my free YouTube tutorials (all about Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook for actors + all things tech for actors- IMDb, Websites and more!) 🔥 Topics that interest me: Social media, Instagram, Twitter, Reels, TikTok, Acting Websites and all things that can make you a tech savvy actor! ❓ What I do when I’m not working with clients, speaking or helping students in my online courses? I love hanging with my kind, AMAZING 9 year old daughter Tallulah (want to know how amazing she is….go find my Facebook Profile- she’ll teach you how to make Sushi AND get over a million views on Facebook #NoJoke) and having hiking, garden, and coffee dates with my husband (Audiobook Narrator/ Broadway/ TV actor Philip Hernandez). 💡 Want 30 days of post ideas (for free) for your acting career? They’re waiting for you in my bio on Instagram- I’m @Marketing4actors