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Bert-Ola Bergstrand




🇸🇪❤️🌏🕺 People, Passion & Places Creating the Learning Society framework - A framework for sustainble value creation and partnerships Clubs I am Co-Hosting/Facilitating: -Learning Society Club -The Nordics Club (every Friday ”Meet the Nordics” room 2-4 pm CEST) ***I m also helping out in facilitating/catalysing a few other Clubs here on Clubhouse such as: -Integral Leadership Club -Democratize Impact Club -Smart Villages Club -Future of Cities Club -Education Matters Club -Inclusive Capitalism Club -Choke Points Club -EcoX Club ..... **Ambassador/Supporter of the ”We the Future Club” (Kunal Sood) Reach out to me if you want to build collaboration on Clubhouse or/and other spaces. I m most active on Facebook but also on Linkedin, Twitter, IG..