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I am passionate about pets! πŸ’– After seeing the benefits of pets with my foster/adopted kids I became immersed in the pet world. 🧸 Mother of 7 🌻 Foster/Adoptive Mom πŸ’ Married 🌱 Certified Pet Nutrition Coach πŸ”† Animal Aromatherapy Specialist πŸ₯° ESA (Emotional Support Animal) Breeder 😻 Tonkinese and Balinese Cat Breeder 🐢 Havanese Dog Breeder 🐾 Breeder Coach πŸ“ Utah, USA Clubhouse Rooms in Mountain Time: Tues. 10:00 AM- Rescues and Breeders Unite! What to join me in a room? DM me! Certifications: Pet Nutrition Coach Animal Aromatherapy Specialist Facilitator in Training for Genius Bootcamp and Guided Mindset Mastery Featured On: Best Bets for Pets Cattitude Radio Pet Lady CatTalk Make It Happen Holistic Pet Solutions for: βœ… Anxiety and Stress βœ… Excessive Shedding βœ… Picky Eaters βœ… Digestive Issues βœ… Boost Immune System βœ… Seasonal Allergies βœ… Aches and Occasional Discomfort βœ… Hot Spots βœ… Bad Breath βœ… Bladder Health βœ… Cognitive Issues (Sr Dogs) βœ… Stiff or Sore Joints and more! DM me for a free 15 min pet health consult. 🐢😻 Breeder/Pet Lover Trainings: πŸ’» Automation Support- Save Time and Money πŸ’΅ Diversifying Income- While Serving Clients 🌱 Holistic Practices for Breeders/Pet Professionals