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I offer SMALL BUSINESS BENEFITS for ENTREPRENEURS and those that are SELF EMPLOYED via PRIVATE INSURANCE I’m a Nationally LICENSED Award Winning Health and Life Insurance Agent/Broker (Licensed in 30+ States). Been in the Industry 9 Years AGENT OF THE YEAR 2018 2nd place 2019. Multi-Million Dollar Producer *I also have access to COMMERCIAL FUNDING/LENDING lmk if you have that need domestically and internationally Do you need HEALTH INSURANCE for yourself, family or a business benefits option? Curious about how you can leverage your health for better rates? Well you came to the right UNICORN. Want to learn more about health insurance? Questions about Life Insurance? DID you miss OPEN ENROLLMENT? Don’t worry, There are new PPO’s AVAILABLE that you can get YEAR ROUND Book a consult with me below. I’m looking to be a panelist for your conferences in:Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Business, Nursing,Trucking, and Networking Previous held positions: Life insurance Advisor, National Claims Adjuster, (Insurance) Collegiate Nationally Certified Tutor(I’ve tutored multiple Pro athletes) Project Manager (Construction) County Zoning Department(Government) Campaign Manager (Local Election) Founder of Unicorn Collaborations Check out my digital business card Check out my website Proud Hebrew Israelite /G\ A.F.A.M, Alpha Phi Omega Spr.09 DEUCE CLUB. NSU Grad “Behold” Dual Masters Enrollee (MCP,MPA 6 classes remaining Auburn University) Future multimillionaire Dad of 3, Happily Married, Born in AK, Raised in Bad Newz,VA Lived in 15+ States. Proud Millennial. **Quotes I live by** “Success is never owned it is only rented and the Rent is due every day” “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure. “ Nikki Giovanni “All insurance is Customized.” Health Unicorn Mike “EVERYTHING MY GOD DOES IS IN ORDER” RJAC GFA I’ll know you best by what you read. Tell me what books are helping progress your business. I’d love to exchange suggestions I’m looking for Networking,Wealth Building and Financial Conversations, New Entrepreneurs, Nonprofit, Real Estate Investing, Small Business Add me on LinkedIn,Instagram, and FB I respond back. Follow me on YouTube:Health Unicorn Mike Follow me on Tik Tok: HealthUnicornMike