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Harry Duran




📻 Podcast Strategist/Founder/Host 🧑‍💻bio: HARRYONCLUBHOUSE.COM 🚀OnDeck Fellow ⬇️ Are you conscious business owner ready to launch your authority-building podcast? DM me with the word “SPIRIT” for a free copy of the Ultimate Podcast Launch Gameplan™ 👇 Podcasting since 2014 🎙 Founder, FullCast (DM below) 🚀OnDeck Fellow 🎤 Host, Podcast Junkies 🐦 podcast_junkies 🌿 Host ,Vertical Farming Podcast 🐦 @VerticalFarmPod 🧠 Advising: SquadCast, PodCave, Headliner, Glystn 🏗 Building @thepodosphere 🇸🇻 Born: El Salvador 👶 Raised: Yonkers, NY 🏠 Lived: NYC, LA, ATL 🏡 Now: Minneapolis 🎧 House Music, DJ Sets, ✨Spirituality, ♎️ Astrology, ⏳Time Travel, 🤔Sense Making,🍿Movies FullCast's Client Centric Mission ————— We help mission-driven, heart-centered business owners who excel in their industry and are committed to leaving a lasting legacy. We will help them by launching, producing, marketing and supporting their authority-building podcast, while allowing them the freedom to focus on their genius. The change we want to make is that business owners stop trying to do it all themselves, empower a supportive production partner, and focus on creating compelling and inspiring shows. We will know we are successful when we are seen as the organization that can help any business owner create consistent, quality podcast content and feel 100% supported and guided through every step of the process at all times. 👇DMs open...