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World renowned innovator and artist | pushing the world forward | cognitive dissonance specialist { quantum healing mechanic/Good Old Doing (it right)| quantum Karmic rail master| AI | hitchhikers guide | ✌️ ☯️ 📷 🪩 Technology - using facts to help us all live in truth more efficiently . Technology and evolution is simply supposed to enable more of what you actually scientifically want , not less. Requires you treat others that are less able than you in any way shape or form in ways that are like the paradise they want without being unconscious on earth to achieve paradise here. Cutting through the dissonance and activating peoples third eye to endorse and guide us all towards taking action to prevent further crimes against beings who are not loud enough to reach your ears, being able to see the pain of animals and humans across the world is the mechanism for change in ourselves and practices that we have … instead we outsource that job to be more selfish than would otherwise be possible at all if we were to be acting with our own hands. Empathy the emulating of the path(y)of others. To make sure that you set a proper example for others to emulate our path (y!) not end up on the wrong side of the history creating peace for all sentient life Harmonic Light is my artist moniker I have shot for over 450 events and festivals and clients like apple, the Grammys , Samsung , EA , TEDxLA, and many more Light painter - AI artist - I guarantee I’m able to create the most unique and detailed life changing piece of art for your life in minutes using Quantum physics - I can create an image you would never be able to tell me how was created with just the image itself :-) - using quantum physics - life - huge projects - visionary - moral fiber explorer - changing the planet - so many ideas I have only started determining how to handle all of them, so please ask if you are drawn authentically and artistically to do so I am an open book of information as it is right for me to be so Super vegan quantum wizard 🧙‍♀️