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Hans Scalûska




Monsignor Rob aka Hans Scalûska Avid fan of Broken Worm 🪱 Eats Tree 🌳 Root Band 🧪QA Engineer at major online media industry pioneers (CompuServe, AOL, Comcast Labs) 📈 Affiliate/performance marketing in the dynamic online sportsbook/casino space 📍Charlotte, NC/Mecklenburg DMA ⚒️ Serial Individual Contributor 🤡 Unrepentant 21st Century Social Media Prodigal Son 🥛🥃🎳👘 Ordained Dudeist Priest👘🎳🥃🥛 “Any order of men accustomed to violence and slavery make for very poor guardians of a civil constitution.” ~E. Gibbon Germ 🦠 theory denialism is hilarious🤣! Bernardist/Béchampist terrain theory is a crock of 💩… I’m a Libelliste; wouldn’t you like to be a Libelliste, too? 🛥🎣🐟 Offshore/deep sea fishing aficionado Interested in interesting people Nihilism is not pessimism, cynicism, or apathy Sweet tea is a poison (All views are my own and not reflective of my employer) Intactivist 🇺🇸