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Mrs. Kahn




15 Rules To Argue With Me ⬇️ 1. You need to be willing to either come fight me or (if you're a niggly bear) find someone who will . If you do not meet this requirement , please exit my bio and do not proceed . If you're with the shits , proceed to #2 . 2. If you speak on my relationship , you must have your own to speak on as well 3. If you speak on my relationship, I need to see an unfiltered PTR of your partner . 4. You need to have straight teeth with no gaps . 5. You CANNOT be dumb or slow. That includes talking slow. 6. Your voice needs to sound like a woman if you are a woman. No DMX sounding bitches allowed . 7. I need to have seen a real photo of you with no filter . 8. Big backs and big backs who tried to get surgery but still look a mess are prohibited . Argue with your back, not me . 9. If your man is ugly and fat , speaking on my relationship is prohibited . 10. If your hair looks a mess , argue with your hair stylist first about why you look like that AND THEN come back to argue with me . 11. You must generate your own income. The jobless and people who have never generated a pay check are prohibited . 12. If your nudes or sexual acts have been exposed on the internet, you definitely don’t qualify to argue with me at this time . 13. If you look like a canine in the face , please refrain from speaking on me. 14. Before we argue , please PTR that bottom section of that toilet first . 15. If your car is dirty, go clean your dirty ass car first AND THEN come back to argue. Please note the above rules are subject to be amended at any time.