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Hamish Ganga




6’10” 315lbs JOIN MY BITCOIN COMMUNITY CHANEL ON TELEGRAM: to stay updated on our platform launch date. ✊🏿 CEO & FOUNDER OF SAVINGDESK, Inc (a fintech startup) 1- Buy Bitcoin 2- Shut the F%# Up 3- Get fabulously wealthy #Bitcoin believer since 2017🤑🤑 #BullishAsFuck Speak 6 languages. Understand 7. 🔹🔹🔹🔹IF YOU ARE A REAL ESTATE AGENT/BROKER IN NJ, NYC, ORLANDO, MIAMI, HOUSTON…I’m looking to buy distress properties ASAP!! “BUY BACK HARLEM” 🏚🏢🏘is a community I’m building on telegram which focuses on buying properties in Harlem, one building at a time by putting our monies together. The group consists of people who are ready to make moves. If you are Interested in investing in Opportunity zones or in the black community, then dm me and join our community. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE BLACK to be part of it. Private Equity Fund Manager. Owner of Hamish Enterprises, LLC | Founding partner @ BAFA Capital Fund | Founder of Nitu Wellness Founder of MobiPT, INC 🔹Proud to say I have a non profit ‘Hamish Africa’ which has built a girl only school in the Congo and supports a girl only orphanage. 🔹Founder of Nitu Wellness, a plant based company with a product that help with bowel issues, colon, breast, ovarian cancers, asthma, arthritis & seasonal allergies. For more info visit 🔹I run a private equity fund that allows the regular man/woman to invest as little as $10,000, as we acquire buildings one after one in order to create wealth in the black community and eventually invest in our beloved motherland. 📍New York