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🇭🇹 VIBRATIONS OF SPEECH. It’s a laid back atmosphere for Poets,different genres of music (r&b,reggae/dancehall,afrobeats,hiphop ,alternative etc),and interviews. **LADIES ONLY TRIVIA GAMES**and they actually win money(check the replays)!!! Who will be next? Listen to my replays in VIBRATIONS OF SPEECH for the past winners. Make sure to RSVP for the next games! SCIENCE OF TECH Scam Literacy,Technology,Gaming👨‍💻👩‍💻🧑🏾‍💻💻 ***INTERVIEWS*** 2022 interviews Casey Jay @realcaseyjay 6/22 Doctor Dré Yo! MTV Raps @doctordre39 5/22 Macana Man @macanamanoficial 4/22 Bill Collector @billcollectorpa 5/22 Séon ThePoet @seonthepoet 7/22 Mickey Factz @MickeyFactz -7/22 August Moon -7/22 Genie Kg @thebigbadgenie -8/22 Self Service @superproducerself -8/22 Lavencia Ferguson @citizensofheavn 8/22 Paul Anderson Michel @wooshwear AntonioSimmons 9/22 @antoniosimmons748 Roger A Grimes rogeragrimes on twitter 10/22 2023 Interviews Apathy @Apathy 9/1/23 Mickey Factz @mickey.factz 9/18/23 Rampage @therealrampage 10/9/23 Planet Asia @planetasiamedallions 10/16/23 O-Solo @osolo21 10/23/23 11/6/23 DMG Clearances 11/13/23 Doctor Dre- Yo!MTV Raps ****👀 @ my replays to listen 🎧**** ***UPCOMING INTERVIEW*** ***Upcoming Game Night/Event***