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Zoe (ZOH) Moore




Hospitality EDI Consultant | Strategist | Writer | Speaker | DEI Advocate | ♌️ 👸🏾She/Her/Hers 📍Marietta, GA 📋 What I Do... 🎬Event Strategist & Management 🪧Advocate for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the meetings, events & tourism industry. 📈 ROI Institute Associate 📚M.S. Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism CSUEB 🎗Inclusive Event Strategist & Consultant 💼 Grow with ZoMo 👩🏾‍🏫 Speaker/Educator 🔌 Event Resource Broker ✍🏾Freelance Writer -The Meeting Professional -Meetings Today -Grit HP 🏆Awards 2020 Meeting Professionals International Chair Award 🎖Certifications Certified Diversity Practitioner | National Diversity Council ♌️ Who I Am I’m an ambivert and empath traveling in human form drawn to other beings by purposeful energy. 🤰🏾Mom to a 17 year old Washington Football Team fan (unwavering since he was 3yrs old ) #boymom 💪🏾 Army Veteran - 12 years of service, 4 Specialities + 2 tours to Iraq ⚡️I don’t identify as a Christian but I believe in Creation, a Life Force that exists omnipotently in every breath, thought and heartbeat. For me life is a rich mental, physical and spiritual journey. I invite the opportunity to learn & grow daily ✨Truth Explorer ✊🏾An aspiring Historian, Seeker of Truth and Disruptor of Indoctrination 💊Addicted to Discourse and Allergic to Nonsense 🌧 I allow the storms to hydrate me in preparation for the energy of the sun. 🔗Linktree: @growwithzomo Let’s Grow 🌱ogether! 👇🏾 Connecting with #DEIPractitioners #HRProfessionals #EquityAdvocates #EventProfs ⤵️