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From Right Relation and Co Creation, We are building a New Foundation 🐢🌈🎼🦋 Hello my name is Madeline, friends call me Grow, short for Groweesha. My birth name is Madeline McCann. Cancer Sun Aries Moon Sagittarius Rising King 💎 King ♥️ Manifesting Generator 2/4 I am inspired to have some deep true conversations between the generations like a good ole family dinner. At this table we show mutual respect and honor to each person as a reflection of the divine. We listen for the clarity of the other for we grow our hearts more true when we do. I bring my experiences and chart placement to a bigger conversation at the table. We ask that all be on the table no under the table dealings . Full transparency and authenticity. We keep it real and true . Each of us will be challenged to remain emotionally Sovern while tuning into the heart frequency and it’s pure vulnerability. Co creating safety for all to grow true. Get ready to know who you bring to the table. Here we grow .. 🌻💛🌻 PayPal [email protected] Venmo @gwtsfamily369 To learn more about me Or IG @Groweesha1111 IG @GWTSfamily1111 IG @OurNewVoice Harmonizingourfamilies You Tube pod cast Our New Voice To hear “The New Tooth Prayer” music to inspire shared prayer in this garden. Go to Spotify Groweesha and Rosey (she is my drum) Family Prayer Garden Club Moderator The Card Table 4 Self Mastery Club Moderator Family Conversations Weaving Hearts of the Generations. Let’s Talk Trees Growing The Gold Parenting Series Building Brotherhood and Sisterhood for Awareness and Sovereignty! Blessed Beee 🐝🦋🐝 We welcome all hearts to the growing Army of Divinity to groom Emotional Sovereignty and Possibility .. for Universal Family Harmony .. “Farmony “